Live Santorini

Santorini (or Thira) is the southern island of the Cyclades and one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. The beauty of the natural landscape of Santorini is truly breathtaking, making it ideal for a romantic vacation. On the island you will have the opportunity to enjoy good food and delicious local recipes, swim in beautiful waters, admire the stunning views of the Aegean Sea and experience cosmopolitan life in bars, restaurants and organized beaches. Take a walk in the picturesque Cycladic villages and admire the colors of the buildings and the small whitewashed houses that are built in the famous caldera, the only one inhabited worldwide!

Due to the rich archaeological and geological history of the island, Santorini is an important attraction for those who want to spend their holidays swimming in amazing beaches, admiring the impressive historical sights and gazing at the enchanting moonlight of the sunset in the Aegean Sea.

During your stay, do not miss the opportunity to visit the volcano, some of the most beautiful historical monuments in Greece, as well as the many beaches or traditional villages.

In the village Akrotiri, on the south side of the island, is the prehistoric village of Akrotiri, an ancient Minoan village that has been preserved through the centuries. On the hill between Kamari and Perissa, is the archeological site of Ancient Thira.

Ancient Thira dominates the top of the Southeastern peak of the highest mountain of Santorini, Profitis Ilias, just above Kamari. There was the ancient village of Thira. There is also a small church built around 1100. The area was used by the Romans as an administrative center.

The road that leads to the top starts from the southern end of the bay in Kamari at the foot of the mountain. Those who have a good energy reserve can walk to the top following the winding road, the climb takes about 45 minutes, but the easiest way is to go up by car or take a minibus that makes the route from Kamari.

In the parking lot you will find a canteen, benches and a car park. From Ancient Thira there is a stunning view over the east coast of Santorini and the coastal resorts of Kamari and Perissa. If you plan to walk or drive, it is a good idea to get there before 11 in the morning, before many tourists arrive.

In the capital of Santorini, Fira, it is worth visiting the Archaeological, Folklore and Prehistoric Museum.

In the city of Fyra you can go to the church of Ag. Mina, which is the church you will see in many postcards of Santorini.

Enjoy the sun and relax on the volcanic beaches of Santorini or take part in various beach activities such as volleyball, rackets, jet skiing, parachuting and diving. Some of Santorini beaches are famous for their colorful sand, including the black beach at Kamari, Monolithos and Perissa, and the Red and White beaches near Akrotiri.

The most impressive beach that often stars in travel magazines is the famous Red Beach, which is located in the southern part of the island. The beach is of particular morphological interest as it is full of red and black volcanic rocks. Access is either from Akrotiri by boat or by car and then on foot. The beach is organized.

At the other end of Oia, in its northern part, is the quiet beach of Baxedes. On the contrary, with the sandy golden beaches that star in the Greek islands, this one is covered by black volcanic sand, creating a fascinating landscape. The beach is usually preferred by families and surfers, due to the strong winds that blow.

Another beach with black sand is Perivolos. Although the color of the sand seems strange, the clarity of the water definitely compensates the visitor. This beach is one of the largest in the island and can satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

One of the most cosmopolitan and touristic beaches of Santorini is Kamari, due to its short distance from the airport of the island. The beach has black sand, fine gravel and deepens sharply. It is particularly large in both length and width. There are many beach bars in every part of it, however, Kamari is also preferred by families.

White Beach makes the difference. In essence, this beach is a continuation of the famous Red Beach. As its name suggests, the beach is full of white rocks that are in stark contrast to its black sand. It has minimal sunbeds and umbrellas and you will not find a canteen or tavern there.

Santorini has many beaches that may not look like the rest of the Cyclades, but the thought of swimming on a volcanic bottom is fascinating in itself!

Santorini is famous for its traditional dishes. You will definitely try fava beans, tomato meatballs, of which the locals are proud, but also their local salad with plenty of capers. On the island you will find from gourmet restaurants to small budget taverns.

The vineyard of Santorini is so special, so unique, that it certainly has not received the attention it deserves. This vineyard has a place so unique that it is unlike any other in the world. Santorini.

Santorini is a blessed place. Everything that comes out of there is unique. Its fava beans, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. They may be in very small quantities, but they all have a character that makes it stand out. Thus, the wines of Santorini are unlike any other wine in the world.

Do not forget to bring a camera for wonderful photos with the wild beauty of Santorini with its colorful and impressive landscapes.